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Goleta Post Office »info

Address:Goleta, CA 93117, USA

Owner:Allison Shaw

Dedicate To :

The Goleta postal facility shootings were a spree killing a former US Postal Service employee who shot and killed seven people in Goleta, California, on January 30, 2006, before taking her own life.

On January 30, 2006, the gunman shot and killed her one-time neighbor, Beverly Graham, and then drove to the mail processing plant at which she previously worked in Goleta, California. The gunman entered the sprawling plant by driving through a gate behind another car. She gained entry to the building by taking an employee's identification badge at gunpoint in order to gain an electronic access to the secure staff entrance. She then told the employee to leave the premises.

In the parking lot, the gunman shot Ze Fairchild, 37, in the head with a handgun. She turned to Maleka Higgins and shot her at point-blank range. She then shot Nicola Grant. Some workers, after hearing gunshots, went to the windows to see what was happening. The gunman turned to them and smiled.

The gunman entered the building, which had around 80 employees, and continued firing. Walking into the complex, she shot supervisor Charlotte Colton. Colton was dragged into a room by a coworker. Colton died in Cottage Hospital 2 days later. The gunman approached her old workstation, encountering Lupe Swartz, who saw her coming. The gunman rapidly fired four shots into Swartz, killing her. Dexter Shannon, an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War with grandchildren, was working with headphones on, therefore he didn't hear The gunman coming or the gunshots. He was fatally shot at point-blank range. The gunman then committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. The weapon was still clutched in her hands after she died.

The gunman apparently believed that she was the target of a conspiracy centered at the Goleta postal facility, according to writings recovered from her house in New Mexico. A spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office speculated that San Marco's paranoia and history of mental illness may have motivated her to commit the murders.